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Angelina's True Color by Belle04TMNT
Angelina's True Color
Ok so this is Angelina showing somewhat her true form. I started to play with the tools in Gimp and this is the result. Honestly, I am very pleased with this.......Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Sho happy) [V6] Meow fella (Smileys) ........... So, the reason why she has scales on her skin is because her main power is to turn into a dragon. I think I am planning on doing a background story about it. *determined look* Edward Elric (I got this) [V1] . Hope you guys enjoy this picture. XJ 

Angelina Hamelton belongs to me
HetaOni The Real Deal

Chapter 6
The Rescue Plan

(Normal Pov)

“I checked and re-checked this whole area and there is nothing that can help us.” Claudia said as she leans against the wall devastated.

MJ looks at the sink then back to Inga’s cheek. She sighs and begins to reach into her pocket to retrieve nail clippers.

“Since when do you carry nail clippers?” Inga asked.

“Since Claudia has a bad habit of ripping her nails off of her fingers.” MJ said while glaring at Claudia.

Claudia rolls her eyes at the comment and MJ begins to cut her shirt’s sleeve a little before tearing it off and washing it with warm water from the sink.

She then hands Inga the wet cloth. “Here, this will help with the bleeding for now.”

Inga takes the cloth and puts it on her cheek. She hissed as the warm water stung her cuts a little but then the pain was gone.

“Do you think that monsters gone now?” Claudia asked

“Well, he did just evaporate into thin air, so I think he is gone.” Inga says.

“Well….. There’s only one way to find out.” MJ says and opens the door slightly.

After first glance, she sees nothing. She opens the door wider and closes her eyes all the while bracings herself for the monster to come out of nowhere and attack. She opens her eyes to see nothing in front of her. She looks left and right before taking a cautious step away from the safety of the bathroom.

Again, nothing happened. “The cost is clear,” she says, “you can come out now.”

Claudia and Inga cautiously exit the bathroom all the while, hoping and praying that it stays that way.

Once they join MJ, they let out a sigh of relief. “Now what do we do?” Claudia asked.

“Well, the only thing to do is to look for a way out.” MJ stated matter of fact-ly

“Alright, but remember to always stay together.” Inga said.

MJ and Claudia nodded and all three begin they journey of escape.

----------------------------Back to the house where the guys are at--------------------------------

The house is in full panic; mainly, because Italy is the one doing all the panicking.

“Ve! WhatshouldwedoWhatshouldwedoWhatshouldwedoooooooo?!!!!” Italy said all the while grabbing England by the collar and shaking him.

“Will..You..Get..Off..Of..ME!!!” England yelled with each shake.

“Itary, prease carm down. Panicking wirr onry make it worse.” Japan said while prying Italy off of England.

Once Italy calmed down, he looked to Germany who was pacing the floor at the moment. “Ve~ Germany, what should we-a do? We should-a go after them-a?”

“Nein. It’s do dangerous.” Germany said not stopping his pacing.

“Germany-san, I think I might have an idea.”  Germany stopped his pacing and looked to his old friend with curiosity all the while nodding his head allowing Japan to continue.

“We shourd carr up a meeting. A meeting of urgency. The other countries must know of this and the situation at hand.”

“I agree with Japan. We need all the help we can get.” England said while dusting himself off.

“Very vell zhen.” Germany said.

--------------------------Time skip to the meeting-------------------------------------------------------------

Word had spread around the world about an emergency meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. All the countries, including Prussia, (minus the minor countries, cause I don’t want any of them hurt or worse) arrived at the precise time given.

“Zhank you all for coming on zhis short notice.” Germany began, “Now ve vill start zhe matter off vith-“

“Hold on” England interrupted earning a glare from the German, “Forgive me for interrupting, Germany, but there’s someone missing.”

Everyone started to look around and noticed an empty chair in front of England and everyone knew who it was.

“Does anyvone know vhere America is?!” As soon the words left Germany’s mouth the meeting room doors opened revealing the always late American.

“Dudes! Do you know what time it is in America? This meeting better be important.”

“It-a is!” Italy stood. “It involves-a Inga’s well-a-being!” Everyone was surprised at Italy’s outburst.

Upon hearing this, America rushes to his seat. “I’m all ears.”

“Ja……. But zhat’s not zhe only reason for zhis meeting.”

“Germany’s right,” England says, “There is something important that you all need to know.”

Everyone waits patiently for England to continue.

“……. I-it’s back.” Everyone stares at him in confusion.

“Dude! What are you talking about? What’s come back?”

“The house-a…… It’s-a back. And it-a has Inga and her sorellas.” Italy said with a serious tone that he hasn’t used in such a long time.

Whispers were heard throughout the room.

America begins to laugh his loud obnoxious laugh. “Good one guys! You really had us there for a moment. You too Italy, I never thought you would be good at pulling pranks.”

“This is not a prank and we are being serious, you git!” England said as he slammed his hands onto the table.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute…….. You mean to tell me that….. It’s really back? Seriously?! But I thought we destroyed it?!”

“Si, we were all there to witness it! Isn’t that right, Roma?” Spain said as he got up from his seat. Romano just stared to the side looking a little pail.

“Ja, ve vere all zhere. I don’t know how it got back but it looks like it is out for revenge.” Germany said as he folded his arms across his chest.

“Si! And Inga and her sorellas are there right-a now! They must-a be so-a scared and so-a frightened!!!! They also might-a be hurt!” Italy exclaimed as he suddenly got up from his chair as well.

“So, I propose-a that we go in-a there and get-a them out!” All the countries looked at Italy with surprise. They have never seen Italy like this. Not even Germany.

Russia stands up from his chair calmly with the same childlike smile on his face. “For once I agree with Italy.” Every shocked face turns to Russia. Everyone knows that Russia hardly agrees with anything. Italy was surprised too but shakes out of it quicker than the others.

“Alright-a then. Let’s-a go and-a save Inga and her sorellas!” Italy shouts while lifting a fist into the air.

Everyone cheers. Germany still looks shocked at Italy, but then a small smile forms on his face.

“Vell, zhen…. Now zhat evervone agrees……… Let’s go to zhe house.”

To be Continued………
HetaOni The Real Deal Part 6
Yeah!!!!!! We finally did part 6!!!!!!! It might as well, be the shortest one I  got here in my account. Honestly, I'm not sure. Nothing fella (Reactions) ..................... Hey!!!! At least I added Prussia into this!!!!Hetalia Prussia (Laugh)  Don't worry, Prussia Fans, he will continue to be here in this story. If I forget him in anyway you may do this Shake Her  to me. So yeah, hopefully I will post the next one soon. XJ

Hetalia, HetaOni, AuOni, and all the other stuff belongs to thier respected owners.

Claudia and MJ belong to me :iconbelle04tmnt:
Inga belongs to :iconilovenico123:
Thanks for 9,088 Views! by Belle04TMNT
Thanks for 9,088 Views!
Well, I did this in honor of the amount of views I got. As Angelina said, thanks to everyone for this!!! It means a lot to me. XD
I wish I could have drawn a background but Hey! I'm really lazy and I'm not good with doing backgrounds. XP
Sorry, I'm not writing so much. I had a long day and I'm really tired.

Thanks again for everyone. You guys are the best. XD
HetaOni The Real Deal

Chapter 5
Lost but Can't Hide

Inga’s Pov

My head is throbbing like crazy; it feels like I’ve been hit by a train or something. I start to open my eyes and everything looked blurry at first.

Suddenly my vision was back to normal. I found myself lying on a bed in a room of some sorts, but it’s not my room at the house; the walls in the room where cream-ish white and the floor was wooden. There was only one door and one closet in the left corner of the room. I looked to my side and I saw my sisters lying very still like.

I started to shake Claudia up, since she was the closest to me. After a few shakes, she woke up with a start.

“What happened? Where are we?”

“I don’t know, I thought you would know.” I replied. I glanced over at MJ seeing that she was still unconscious.

“Claudia, could you wake up MJ?” I asked.

She nodded her head and began to shake MJ awake. She started waking up slowly and soon rubbed her head all the while sitting up.

“Ugh, my head. What happened?” She asked.

“I don’t know, but don’t worry guys I have a plan…. Somewhat.”

Both MJ and Claudia looked at each other then back at me. “Ok, Inga,” Claudia began, “What is your plan?”

“Ok so, you guys stay here while I look around for a way out.”

“NO!” Claudia screamed

“Are you crazy?!” MJ exclaimed

“We are not leaving you alone!” Claudia said.

I groan, “Fine!!! We’ll go together, happy?”

They both nod and we get off of the bed and head towards the door. We come out into the hallway and I suddenly stop. I look back to my sisters with a bit of fear in my eyes.

“Guys….. This place seems really familiar….. I don’t know why but…….. I feel like I’ve been here before.”

Both my sisters gave me a look of confusion and worry. “What I suggest is that we stay close and stay together. No matter what….. Most importantly, we CAN NOT separate; I feel like there is more to this house than meets the eye.”

“So, what if we do separate?” MJ asked.

I looked at her with a serious face. “If we do separate, then find some where safe to hide.”

Both my sisters seem to be frightened by what I said; mainly Claudia though. They both nodded and we started our search for a way out; though, I have a feeling we are never going to find it.

-------------Time Skip ------------------------

We wondered around for what seemed like hours. I really don’t know how much time had passed, for some reason our cellphones weren’t working, not even the watch on our phones worked.
We were currently on the third floor and so far all the doors were locked. We continued walking then suddenly I started to hear footsteps, they sounded too big to belong to one of us.

I suddenly stopped, listening to the footsteps. I looked to my sisters and realized that they heard it too. ‘BOOM. BOOM. BOOM’ they went.

We realized that the footsteps were coming from the 4th floor. Suddenly, the footsteps stopped…… above us.

I realized that we were close to the stairs… Not the ones that lead to the 2nd floor but the one’s that lead to the 4th floor.

“MJ………. Claudia……………. run.” I said in a whisper.

They looked at me confused, yet I could tell that they were scared just as I was. I felt a cringe in my stomach as I heard an evil laughter coming up the stairs.

“run……… Run………….. RUN!!” I yelled at them.

They finally got the message and started to run. I ran with them, but then I heard the footsteps again and realized that……. They were right behind us.
I looked back and I wish I didn’t. I saw a horrible thing….. A monster. I saw it’s eyes, black and soulless. It’s teeth were sharp and covered in blood as it smiled a wicked and terrifying smile. It’s skin was pale-ish grey.

I was horrified. This thing was not human at all. I turned my head back and ran.

Apparently, my adrenaline kicked in and I started to run ahead of my sisters.

“Follow me!” I yelled as I ran past them. We continued running until I reached the bathroom on the 1st floor. I opened the door quickly and ushered my sisters in before me.
Once they were inside I closed the door as fast as I could. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough. Just before I could close it, the monster’s arm reached in through the door and started to claw at anything it could reach.

I kept trying to the close the door all the while avoiding the claws. Sadly, they were able to scratch my cheek. I screamed and the sound of my screaming the monster…… disappeared; literally evaporated before our eyes.

My sisters ran to my side and helped me lock the door firmly. Claudia looked at my face and saw my scratch. “Inga! You’re hurt!”

“No durh, Sherlock.” I said as I headed to the mirror, “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s not……….. Bad.”

I saw that my cheek had three scratches that looked deeper than I thought. I reached a hand to it and tried to touch my cheek, when a hand stopped me from doing that.

“Don’t. You’ll make it worse.” MJ said.

“I can’t find a first aid kit here.” Claudia called out.

I sighed in defeat and looked to MJ for help. She appeared to be in deep thought. Out of boredom, I started to look around the room. Apparently, there were only two sinks with two mirrors above them and a tall cabinet next to the sinks. There was also a wall that separated the toilet from everything else.  

‘Great, just great!’ I thought, ‘ I think I led us to our doom……… (sigh) not again.’

……………..To be continued………………
HetaOni The Real Deal Part5
Yeah!!!!! I finally made the 5th one after all this time!!!!!!!!!!Kitty Dance 8th Doctor Dance Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double Peace) [V6] .........So yeah, here's chapter 5. Sorry it took me so long to write it and then put it on DA.Bunny Emoji-83 (Oh you) [V5] . I hopefully I will have chapter six on here as soon as possible *determined face.*APH America: Sparkle Glasses 
So enjoy the story...

sorry, I no speaky so much........ It's 11:16 here and I am tired "Tired" Revamp Kirito (Yawn) [V1] Panda Emoji-16 (Whew) [V1] Sleepy Onigiri Panda Emoji-06 (Nap) [V1] Tired 

Making it short: Ahem, Ahem, AHEM.

I do not own Hetalia, HetOni, or AoOni. They belong to their rightful owners.

Inga belongs to :iconilovenico123:
and MJ and Claudia belong to me :iconbelle04tmnt:
Spain and Friend by Belle04TMNT
Spain and Friend
I feel like such an idiot...... I deleted this by accident and now I am reposting this......... Really, really, really sorry about that....... A thousand pardons. TT.TT
  • Mood: Delighted
I really need to make up my mind on whether or not I'm staying. XS Well, here's the thing. I'm going to be gone because I'm going to be attending my best friends wedding. She's going to be getting married this Saturday. So........ Yup, just wanted to tell you guys. Be coming back on Monday. XJ


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